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Welcome to the Campaign for a Cornish Assembly

Welcome to the Campaign for a Cornish Assembly

"We, the People of Cornwall, must have a greater say in how we are governed.
We need a Cornish Assembly that can set the right democratic priorities for Cornwall
and provide a stronger voice for our communities in Britain
, in Europe
and throughout the wider world

Cornish Assembly Campaign Declaration,
endorsed by 50,000 signatories

Latest news

18th November 2014

We are the region most likely to make a success of devolution
Western Morning News
"Cornwall doesn't want the sort of devolution which either Manchester is getting, or
which Professor Gripaios thinks is the sole formula on offer.  The Government's
present position is flexibility – by tailoring devolution to the needs of
particular regions, more success can be achieved.  On that point,
Cornwall and the Government are as one . . ." more

15th November 2014
11:00 am
Discussion with Dr Joanie Willett
Towards a more federal Britain: Making a Cornish Assembly happen?
followed by AGM
Lys Kernow  |  New County Hall
5th November 2014

Cornish Devolution : Focus on the Practical rather than the Rhetorical
Andrew George MP
"Mr George, who has consistently campaigned for more powers to a Cornish
Regional Assembly and is a founder and Vice-Chair of the
Cornish Constitutional Convention, said,
"The BBC's own analysis from the debate tonight is confusing
and a little simplistic . . ." more

29th October 2014
Letter from Convention Chair Julian German
"The year has been a very busy one.  Not least due to the Scottish referendum which,
as well as being interesting, has generated much interest in Cornwall and in
devolution across communities in the UK and beyond . . ." more 
23rd September 2014
The 'Cornish Question'
Address by John Pollard, Leader Cornwall Council
"I have made it clear, my personal view is that we do not need new layers of government;
Cornwall Council can deliver what an Assembly would if we are given the authority.

This will not be radical enough for some and a step too far for many, BUT unless we agree
and make a strong case we will languish as an authority whose potential has
never been realised . . ." more
20th September 2014

Devolution strikes back – but do Cornwall and Yorkshire want more powers
. . .or just more money?

New Statesman
"The poverty levels show that Cornwall is getting a bad deal from being part of the
United Kingdom.  If prospectors struck oil off the Falmouth coast tomorrow,
I don't see how anyone could blame the Cornish for rolling out
barbed wire along the banks of the Tamar . . ." more


Scottish vote sparks fresh calls for devolution across UK
Daily Express
"The Scottish government has now been promised 'extensive new powers' on tax and
welfare and a final say over the NHS.
Now other parts of the UK, including London, Cornwall and Wales, are expected
to fight their corner in this debate and attempt to wrangle
more freedom from Westminster . . ." more


Cornwall must speak with one voice to secure devolution deal
Western Morning News
"As Scotland votes in the referendum, Julian German chairman of the Cornish Constitutional Convention, says devolution for Cornwall and the regions should follow . . ." more

Scotland Independence Results: Is an Independent Cornwall On the Cards?
International Business Times
"Campaigners for Cornish devolution have stepped up action to get increased powers fo
r Cornwall following the result of the Scottish independence referendum . . ." more
Campaigners for Cornish devolution determined to win more powers for Cornwall
Irish Independent
"With Scotland saying No to independence, campaigners for Cornish devolution are
determined to win increased powers for Cornwall . . ." more
19th September 2014

English Parliament no devolution solution
The MJ
"Now is the time to look at devolution of finance and powers to cities, city regions,
combined authorities and county-regions. A different approach for
different areas depending on local circumstances . . ." more

13th September 2014
Yorkshire First
"Yorkshire and the Humber has a similar population to Scotland and an economy almost
double that of Wales, and it's about time it had similar powers . . ." more
12th September 2014
How the independence referendum energised devolution around the UK
The Guardian
"There is a growing feeling in Cornwall that the Scottish referendum will eventually lead
to greater self-government in the far south-west of Britain . . ." more
#indyref : the English regions that want devolution too
Channel 4 News
"It is not just the big cities that are pushing for more powers. Cornwall, whose Celtic
people received "minority rights" status in April, has a population of 547,000.
With a small economy worth £7bn and salaries way below the UK and EU
average, it would like to raise more of the money it spends . . ." more
18th August 2014
Scottish independence : Is Cornwall more like Scotland than England?
BBC News
"Cornwall is about as far away from Scotland as it is possible to get by land in
the UK and has a vibrant nationalist identity.  But does it share
more with Scotland than England? . . ." more
12th August 2014

Bill Jamieson : Salmond is ahead in the long game
The Scotsman
"Meanwhile in the far south-west, devolution pressure is mounting.
In January, John Pollard, leader of Cornwall Council, submitted an outstanding paper to the
Fiscal Devolution to Cities and City Regions Inquiry recommending a repatriation of
business rates for the county, flexibility in business rate setting, more control
over investment in infrastructure and calling for facts and figures in areas
such as the devolution of council tax and stamp duty . . ." more

28th June 2014

Scotland's independence referendum is spurring the desire for
political devolution in England

"Arianna Giovannini and Joanie Willett explore the uneven path of English regionalism,
focusing on two cases : the North East and Cornwall, during and after the New
Labour government.  Scotland's referendum has reminded people that
there are alternatives, and that regional devolution is a possible
solution to a London-centric problem . . ." more

24th April 2014

Cornish Granted Minority Status within the UK
"Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, today announced that the proud history,
unique culture, and distinctive language of Cornwall will be fully recognised under
European rules for the protection of national minorities . . ." more

24th March 2014
Minister signals 'appetite' for Cornwall devolution deal
West Briton
"Speaking to the Western Morning News, Mr Clark signalled his enthusiasm for
their plans.  He said: 'Cornwall is a place, from the Government's point of
view, where there's been a particular appetite to do a deal with'.

'It's a place that exemplifies par excellence my view that the people that know best
what is needed for the area are the people who live and work there' . . ." more
19th March 2014
Devolution's biggest hurdle : Whitehall's culture of contempt
"Regarding local government, it's hard to know whether the politicians who signed up to
that 2010 decentralisation pledge, or the Ministers subsequently responsible
for implementing it, ever really believed in it – other than as
a vote-winning slogan . . ." more
15th March 2014
Achieving Political Decentalisation
Institute for Government
"In recent decades, UK parties of all political persuasions have made commitments to
decentralise power.  This is, in many ways, unsurprising.  The UK is one of the most
centralised countries of its size in the developed world, and English local
government has the most circumscribed powers of any
equivalent tier internationally . . ." more
11th March 2014
OPINION : Cornish Assembly deserves a fair hearing
"Most people 'east of the border' – as well as residents of Cornwall itself – may have been
baffled by Mebyon Kernow's St Piran's Day call for a national assembly . . ." more
Western Morning News 10th March 2014
11th February 2014
Gwenno Saunders : This is Cymru Calling
"I see a need for every one of the countries that make up these isles to have the power
to choose their own destiny, we need to move away from a centralised government
that has no interest in what’s happening on the periphery . . ." more
7th January 2014
I Will Push for Cornish Recognition
"I recently got an email regarding the recognition of the Cornish People within the
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities from the
Cornwall Branch Celtic League.
This is something on which I have consistently led the campaign in Parliament . . ." more
3rd December 2013
Chair Julian German's Address to Convention AGM
"The Steering Group has reaffirmed our fundamental tenants that; we are charged
with advancing progress toward a democratically-elected Assembly for Cornwall,
that we should be examining real and realistic models of constitutional change
for Cornwall, and we should be speaking the truth to power
– something we have always done well . . ." more

Cornwall Council Leader John Pollard's Address to Convention AGM
I have to tell you that I believe that it is by further empowering Cornwall Council
that Cornwall can take control of its own destiny. Cornwall Council is now
the one representational body that Cornwall has and that's the way it
should be. We do not need any further tiers of government
and we must share our power and responsibility with
the Towns and Parishes . . ." more
30th November 2013
The Judge's Dining Room : Bodmin Town Council
Shire House  Mount Folly
30th January 2013

Cornish Constitutional Convention welcomes MPs vote to defer plans for
Devonwall seat

"Our historic border should not be compromised.
Cornwall is one of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom; other borders are not
crossed for parliamentary seats and Cornwall should not be the exception. We are
content that the government wishes to review the number of MPs but Cornwall
has a strong identity and our border is one of the oldest in Europe. We were
totally opposed to a cross border constituency and welcome the fact
that this will not happen at the next General Election."

28th August 2012
Open Letter to Sarah Newton MP
"I'm suprised that, in preparing your article, you did not contact me or colleagues to clarify
the Convention's position. We welcome constructive discourse, as I am sure you will
recall from your attendance at our pre-election Annual General Meeting and
your participation in the debate that day . . ." more
20th August 2012
Autonomy not Autocracy - George Eustice and Sarah Newton are Wrong
"Nobody in Cornwall has ever said that the devolution campaign, which focuses on the clear
and easily understood concept of a ‘Cornish Assembly’, seeks separation or divorce
from Britain, or to break the Union - this is rubbish put about by people who don’t want
to think carefully about how good governance works, or how good governance
needs to embrace both history and geography – and feelings . . ." more
22nd February 2012

Cornwall Council Cabinet Reshuffle
Congratulations to Julian German, whose new Cornwall Council Cabinet post, Localism,
Sustainability and Devolution, offers a real opportunity . . ." more

3rd February 2012

Cornish Constitutional Convention – the Next Phase
"There are a number of important factors which will affect how we proceed
in the next period . . ." more

3rd November 2010

Cornish Constitutional Convention Annual General Meeting 2010
10:00 am 20th November 2010
Truro City Council Chamber,  Boscawen Street,  Truro

Chair's Letter to Members
"On November 20th at 10am in Truro City Council Chamber we will hold our
10th Annual General Meeting. I think the best way of briefly reviewing
the year for you is to describe an incident that occurred a few
weeks ago at Cornwall Council . . ." more

23rd July 2010

Cornish Constitutional Convention celebrates its 10th aniversary

The First Decade (Part I)
"Somebody from the Campaign for English Regions (based in Newcastle) made a speech
in Launceston. He told the audience that Cornwall would be included in the proposed
South West, and a democratically elected regional assembly would be set up.
He said we had no choice and asked us to join him in
bringing this great project to fruition . . ." more

The First Decade (Part II)
"By 2000 Cornwall was awaking from a long voyage. The triumphs and degradations
of its industrial and inventive past lay silent. The elastoplast of a tourism, founded
on a myth of tranquil decline, was peeling away to reveal unhealed wounds,
and poverty, chronic depression and decay . . ." more

14th November 2009
Cornish Constitutional Convention Annual General Meeting 2009
Chairman's Report
"The Cornish Assembly is now the mainstream issue in forward-moving Cornish politics.
It is one of those developments that officials and government now
assume will happen . . ." more
13th October 2009
The Next Push
"The new Cornwall Council unitary authority is a step along the way to secure effective,
efficient, responsive and forward-looking governance for Cornwall, a peripheral,
distinctive and different British region . . ." more
14th July 2009
Government of Cornwall Bill
introduced by Dan Rogerson MP, North Cornwall
"A Bill to establish and make provision about the Cornish Assembly; to transfer functions
and powers to the Assembly; and for connected purposes . . ." more
4th June 2009
Minister 'Stands Ready' to give Cornwall more 'Local Empowerment'
Press Release from Andrew George MP
Website link to House of Commons Debate 3rd June 2009
5th March 2009
Cornwall: A New Beginning?
"Cornwall must be ambitious and proud. We are an outstanding region in the UK.
So let’s be outstanding in our political ambitions: . . ." more
10th May 2008
Letter to Blair Thompson, Chair, Cornwall Strategic Partnership
"I am writing in response to the invitation to advise the process of forming the Sustainable Communities Strategy . . ." more
1st December 2007

Council Leader Whalley hints at new partnership and new role for Convention
“There is something inevitable about the journey to a Cornish Assembly!”

“We are at the beginning of a process, and we have a strategy to achieve our long term ambition to ensure that decisions about Cornwall, which affect Cornwall and shape Cornwall, are made in Cornwall. The Government is beginning to see the light . . ." more

26th July 2007
The Cornish Unitary – A reflection on new challenges
(Cornish World and West Briton)
"Let's get the collective brain in gear – it's time to step across the unitary stone and head for the Assembly on the other bank, via the Cornish dispersed city region . . ." more
17th July 2007

HM Treasury Press Release
Government Review empowers regions and localities to spread
economic opportunity to all

"The Government is today launching the review of sub-national economic development and regeneration, setting out bold plans to ensure that every area of the country has the
opportunity to benefit from rising prosperity . . ." more

17th July 2007
HM Treasury Publication
Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration

"The economic trends of globalisation and technological change will make it increasingly
important that places can respond quickly and flexibly to economic change if they are to
increase prosperity and tackle effectively concentrations of
disadvantage . . ." more (835kb)
21st June 2007
Submission to Local Government Review
" I am writing on behalf of the Cornish Constitutional Convention to offer its view of the ‘One Cornwall' bid and options for Cornwall . . ." more
6th February 2007
Resolved by Cornwall Council 23rd January 2007
"Proposition: Without prejudice to the submissions made by Cornwall County Council or the district councils, the Leader and CEO of Cornwall County Council convene an urgent meeting
of Leaders and CEOs of all Cornish principal authorities to propose an agreement to
submit a joint outline proposition for further discussion with her to
the Secretary of State to include: . . ." more
30th January 2007

A Good Start to 2007
"I am writing following the meeting at Cornwall Council on 23rd January at which the Council decided to submit a bid to the Local Government Review . . ." more

23rd January 2007
Letter to Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State DCLG
"If we are to achieve the best for the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and if we are to
fulfil our potential in a creative and sustainable way, then we need to perceive of Cornwall
& the Isles of Scilly as a rural and peripheral equivalent of a city region
– a dispersed, rural city . . ." more
28th December 2006

Western Morning News
Why did 30000 people march through the streets of Hayle?
"As we snooze away Christmas meals bureaucratic wheels are turning which may reorganise local government in Cornwall . . ." more

29th November 2006

Towards the Cornish Governance Proposition
Objective: Best value governance of public sector services delivery...building on
existing assets, including the LAA and Strategic Partnerships . . . more

26th November 2006
Regional Spaces, Spaces of Regionalism:
Territory, Insurgent Politics and the English Question

Presentation slides (6.3 Mb pdf) of article by Martin Jones and Gordon MacLeod from
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 433-452
Full text available from Blackwell Synergy
26th October 2006
Cornish Convention welcomes new white paper
Historic opportunity – time to set aside differences and be inclusive
"We welcome publication of the white paper. The invitation to present a proposition
for the future management and delivery of public services in Cornwall
(and the Isles of Scilly, if it wishes to participate)
is unique and historic . . ." more
30th June 2006
The Cornish Proposition
letter to Tim Jones, Acting Leader, Restormel Borough Council
United Council Backs Campaign For Cornish Assembly
"Restormel Borough Council has thrown its full weight behind the campaign for a
Cornish Assembly and agreed to take a pro-active role . . ." more
29th June 2006

Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly - Framing the proposition
letter to Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government

21st June 2006
Why Britain should pay homage to Catalonia
Simon Jenkins in The Guardian
download printable version (pdf)
19th June 2006
Letter to Dr Phyllis Starkey MP, chair of ODPM Select Committee,
sent following the session of the committee at which Convention Chair Bert Biscoe
gave evidence in June 2006
26th May 2006

Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly – a new model for the future
letter to Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government

13th March 2006
Cornwall County Council - Lyons Commission Resolution
"There is keen interest in Cornwall in reforming the governance of
public service delivery . . ." more
9th March 2006
"It’s time to ask, what would an assembly actually do?. . ." more

Read the Convention's Introduction and Submission to the Lyons Commission


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